Monday, August 2, 2010

Mommy's nerves are shot!

     This weekend my 10 year old son was doing his normal weekend activities swimming in the pool, riding his bike, and of course fishing. Fishing has become his newest hobby and he loves it. His friend came over and they decided they would go fishing in the canal behind our house. So they got their fishing poles and bait and out the door they went. This child of mine is all boy! He loves doing things outside and trying to get him back in is like pulling teeth. Well while they were on the dock they caught a few little bass and came running in to have me take a picture of them. After them being outside for about an hour I decided to go sit with them and see what was going on out there. I was watching this boy so patiently waiting for a bite when all of the sudden he seemed to have caught something. Up on his feet he stood reeling in what we thought was a pretty big fish for this small canal. As he reeled it in to all of our surprise it was a baby alligator. There they were yelling for my husband to come and get it like we were going to have a new little addition to our already full house. I yelled just let it go!!! I was afraid ,as they were so happy. Thank goodness my husband didn't get there in time and the little alligator got away (yes my hubby would have tried to keep it for a pet.) It was a little scary for me because now all I can think about is that if there is a baby in there shouldn't the mommy be near by. I'm not taking any chances. The canal is now off limits without an adult out there.


  1. YIKES! My 11 year old's newest thing is a pocket knife....I am a mess!

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  3. OMG .. I would have been scared too!
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  4. Oh my goodness! I would have to draw the line at a pet alligator as well! LOL

    I am following you back! I love your blog!

  5. Aside from a mommy alligator, that little guy's gonna grow up. That would make my heart skip a beat or two.

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