Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Day At The Beach

 This weekend we heard of a beach (not to far  from us) where there have been manatee's making an appearance in the early morning. So we packed our coolers and lathered on the sunscreen and headed out to the beach. Unfortunately for us we didn't make it there early enough and didn't see any manatee's, but we still had such a great time. The older boys took the little one around looking for crabs and they all buried their little sister in the sand. She didn't seem to put up a fight until they got a little carried away and got alittle to close to her face.
    After a few hours of playing in the sand, snorkeling, and looking for crabs It was time for mommy to fire up the grill and make our lunch (yes I'm the grilling mommy in our home) getting them out of the water was not an easy task for me but they finally figured if  they didn't get out to eat the birds were going to have their lunch.
     All I can say about this trip to the beach is that watching 5 of our children playing so nice together was just priceless. It's not something that happens everyday but Saturday was a day that will stay with me forever. I saw love, friendship, teaching, caring, and sharing out of our children and it was just  beautiful.

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  1. Great pictures! I'm such a beach-aholic! I wish we lived closer to the beach!