Family Fun

For the boys birthdays we decided to take them all to Busch Gardens. We kept it a surprise until we got to the hotel in Tampa. My stepson Avery was upset because he is terrified of roller coasters and said "No way am I getting on any of them!" We calmed him down by telling him there was so much more to do then ride roller coasters. So off we went to enjoy the day.
     Well you have to know my husband, he will do anything to have these kids fight their fears. So here we go with the bribes, daddy will buy you any game you want if you just ride one roller coaster. It took alot of pleading with him but he finally agreed. This poor kid was so afraid. I felt so bad. As we waited in line he just kept saying "April please ride next to me." Of course I said I would and was by his side the whole time. As we boarded to ride i could see tears in his eyes. I asked him if he was sure and he said he wanted to do this for his dad. I grabbed his hand and said it will be fine.
     We were off!!!! I looked over at him as we headed up to the top of the drop and his eyes were closed. As soon as we started down the drop and around the loops he was srceaming at the top of his lungs YES!!!! AGAIN AGAIN!!!!! I could not stop laughing. He loved it and was having so much fun. We ended up riding that roller coaster 3 times and every other coaster in the park.
My husband did it again and he was so proud of his little man.