Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Full house is getting just alittle bigger!

We have moved in my 19 year old pregnant sister. Our family means the world us and my little has really had it rough I would say her entire life. She became addicted to pills at the age of 16 and really had no one to turn to help. My mother was an enabler for her and felt she needed them to deal with depression and anxiety. My husband and I knew where she was headed and offered many time to have her move in with us so we could help her but she would never come.

In April of this year she found out she was pregnant and knew she had to do something to fix herself so she could take care of her unborn baby. It was not easy for her and yes she did continue to use through her first trimester. She came to my husband and I asking for help and of course we were there. We moved her in and changed her doctor to closer to us. We are happy to say she is now 31 weeks and by the grace of God all is well with her unborn baby girl. She is 100 percent drug free and doing great. We are now preparing our home for a new baby girl due in December. Please keep her and the baby in your prayers.


  1. I'll will keep praying for her and her unborn child. You did great by bringing her in and I know that staying with you and your family will make her stronger. Thanks for linking up to Welcome to Weekend Blog Hop. Following you.

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