Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rawsrvnt - Christian Hip-Hop

   I thought I would introduce you all to my children's favorite Christian singer (well and mine) Rawsrvnt. A few months ago I was going through my sons ipod and could not believe some of the music he was listening to. I was appalled and felt like a terrible mom for not paying closer attention to what my children were putting on their ipods. Of course I decided to have a sit down with them and explain that this kind of music was not something they needed to be listening to. So we were going through some Cd's that we had and came across a CD we had gotten at a block party we had a few years ago at church.

Rawsrvnt. We popped it in and the boys started nodding their heads and got up to do the dance they learned to "Bows Up" while at church. Rawsrvnt was it! This man of God was a great Hip Hop artist and all the kids loved him. I have to admit his new album No Ordinary Love is great and if you get the chance I would check it out. His motto is "I worship Jesus just the way I am. Raw". Here is one of his newest songs from No Ordinary Love. It's a big hit in our home. Hope you enjoy it! :)


  1. I check my kids' ipods to make sure they don't have inappropriate songs. So far so good. I've never heard of this singer. Will be checking him out in a bit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My kids are 20-somethings, and quite often they'll show me music videos on YouTube that they like. I enjoy most of them too.

    The groups and songs that I know about are alright, but I wonder if there's anything on there they know I would disapprove of?