Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fun Halloween Decorations!!!

Halloween is among us and everyone likes a good party. Problem is it’s getting harder to throw fun events like this on a budget. Well don't worry, we are here to help. We will be providing you with some great cost cutting tips, and projects right up until Halloween day that will turn your party into something your guests won't soon forget. I will be working on some fun decorating ideas that are sure to turn your event into one ghoulishly good time.

Positioned outside the house, these ghostly jugs will set the tone for any visitors as they approach.

Materials Needed :

  • Clean plastic gallon milk jugs

  • Black permanent marker

  • Sharp knife

  • Small battery operated candles


  • 1. Draw ghostly eyes and mouths on the jugs. (Leave the caps on while you do this, so the jugs don't dent)

  • 2. Use the craft knife to cut a 3 inch hole in the back of each jug (a parent's job).

  • 3. Insert a battery operated candle inside each jug to bring your creation to life.

Here are some great variants to this project that can be created with just a little imagination.



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  2. These look so cute and fun!! We might just have to try this since I am really not good with carving pumpkins! LOL! Thanks for stopping by from the blog hop!

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